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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Received MT365 course materials

As you can see on the pic below today I received the first shipment of MT365 course materials.

I already watched one video on the DVD, 'the location problem'. A programme about the Fire Department in Rotterdam, my home town. How the Fire Department decided on locations for the various departments spread over the city. Most of the mathematics was done by the University Twente.

The shimpment contains besides various forms,
- course handbook ( very important ! )
- course guide
- graphs 1
- networks 1
- design 1
- graphs 2
- networks 2
- design 2
- 3 audio CDs
- notes for the audio programs
- 1 DVD containing 7 half hour programs
- notes for the video programs
- assignments ( CMA41, CMA42, TMA1, TMA2 )
- graph theory software
A standard booklet like 'graphs 1' has often five chapters, lots of exercises and answers and has on average +/- 75 pages with clear illustrations. All the materials I studied sofar were excellent. If you are on 8h/week for MT365 ( 30 points ), one booklet is studied in 16 hours or over a period of two weeks. Most of the time is ( should be ) spent on exercises anyway, which is fun time.

Well, this will keep me busy besides M208.

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