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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

M208 - TMA01/2 draft completed

All questions done, in draft status. An advantage of typesetting TMA's is that you can always make them better. It's part of the fun of making TMA's. What were the questions like?
TMA01 consists of seven questions of which 2 have already been sent in and marked ( viciously unfair but that's another matter entirely ).
Question 3 was about graphing sets in the form of 2D regions.
Question 4 was about 2D transformations ( way simpler than MS221 which I don't understand because M208 is positioned as a successor to MS221 and the first 'real' pure mathematics course in M31 ), a translation, a rotation and a composition. Question 5 was about mathematical induction. Question 6 was about complex numbers. Question 7 was about equivalence relations. I liked questions 6 and 7 most. Part of question 6 was solving the following equation.
z^4 = -8 + 8 \sqrt{3}i
There is still some time to edit and review ( reviewing saves tons of marks ) before the cut-off. Then it is full steam ahead to the next TMA's.

And also: I want to do some long term ' thinking ' about my 'research interests' . Which part of mathematics do I really, really like? Do I want to know much more about? I should be able to answer that question by now. More about this topic soon.

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