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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

M208 - Alert

Today I received my assessment for TMA 1 / Part 1: Q1 19/25, Q2 8/10. Or 27/35. Which means that I have to score 58 / 65 for the remaining questions to at least stay on 85. Considering how this tutor marks a clear Mission Impossible. - The marks were viciously unfair written in the ( red ) handwriting of an obsessed personality. I am going to ( already started ) take every possible legal step the OU regulations offer to solve this issue. I really have a very strong case. Proving the unfairness of the markings will be easy. - I don't want to go to an exam with an average TMA score below 85. I just won't.

Well, I have been warned. I don't know how I should call this. An enemy on the road. A guard at the gate. So M208 will be difficult after all ( ... ) Who would have thought that?

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