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Saturday, May 8, 2010

About students and tutors.

TMA Machine is another OU ( Mathematics ) student with a blog on In his right sidebar he maintains a list of OU Students with a blog. I thought about copying them to my bar but since the whole idea of the WorldWideWEB is linking ( and thus not copying ) I simply provide the link.

While reading some other blogs I realized that it is quite a handicap that Englush is not my native language. And worse I don't see much improvement either while reading back some of the posts I have written over the years. - ( Making a thought jump here. ) - Which proves my point that self-studying mathematics is nice but having a tutor looking at your work once in a while is the only -guarantee- that you will make any progress. If some English teacher would comment on the English in my blog entries I would have made some progress.

Ramanujan, considered to be one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived,  was mainly a self-taught mathematician when he came to England to work with Hardy. It showed immediately: Ramanujan wasn't able to construct a simple formal mathematical proof. He could only progress in that area with the help of Hardy.

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