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Thursday, May 13, 2010

M208-TMA03 Continued

M208 - TMA03, question 5a-d done, e in daft, f to do. And Q6 of course.

It may look as though I am terribly struggling with this TMA. I am not. Linear Algebra is the first topic I started to study in my pre-OU days while mathematics was a hobby without deadlines and TMA's. I am just being perfectionistic. I have to since my marks on the previous two were as low as possible on the tutor's interpretation band. I would like to think of a tutor happily sitting behind his desk, marking... ja-ba-da-ba-da, marking, tra-la-la, being happy. Taking all the time answering questions of students via e-mail, phone and other media. And of course ambitiuously preparing extremely interesting lectures ( called tutorials in OU-speak ), besides that the tutor is doing his / her own research. - We wouldn't think of a tutor viciously marking thinking of any means to destroy a student's motivation, pleasure, ambitions, dreams regarding any mathematical future they dream of because they haven't quite made it as far as Stephen Hawking did. - The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, although I hope for all of us I merely had a black thought and the first option is, of course, true. I wish I was in the Truman Show.

Anyway. Since a very long time I am thinking of writing a program for myself again. Programming can be fun, but it all depends on what the code does. I spent some time learning Mathematica features I didn't know yet, like NotebookCreate, Manipulate and so in. And Grid which is nice too.

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