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Sunday, May 2, 2010

How am I doing - (2) April

- TMA01 85% ( part 1  77% , part 2 89% )
- TMA02 done, waiting for result Exp.75%
- On schedule for TMA03 cut-off 21/5

- CMA41 88%
- TMA01 done, waiting for result Exp.60%
- On schedule for CMA42 cut-off 2/6
- On schedule for TMA02 cut-off 14/6

( I am still experimenting with my study workflow. Some changes I introduced did not work as expected. I'll undo some changes I implemented. as the coming month ( as of 3/5 ) will be very busy not just study-wise. I do spend time learning other mathematics than that in M208 and MT365. I guess that is sort of inevitable. In general topics that are in Concrete Mathematics. In a way that's the first math book I picked up in years and I still don't have the feeling that I own the material in it. Before that I won't be ready with that book. )

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