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Saturday, May 15, 2010

M208 - TMA03 now in draft

M208 - TMA03 has entered draft status which means that all six questions have been answered, all graphics done, all LaTeX done. What remains to be done are three full QA cycles.

P.S. How would you mark this?
If you have read a previous post about marking I am sure you thought I am paranoid with regards to receiving marks, I wrote something like "as low as possible on the tutor's interpretation band". But let me give you an example. Modified, of course. But you'll get the idea. Suppose we have a set with elements V = {1,2,3}. A function f: V->N has been defined as follows: v maps-to v^2. The question is give the function values of the elements of V. Answer: {1,4,9}. Is this answer correct? Well, I got 0 marks ( for similar question of course ). My question is: do you agree / disagree with the tutor? Or is it perhaps fair to give 25%, 75%, 90%, 99%? Mark it at M208 level. Or is the answer bloody well right? - What do you think? - I think you will be very surprised by the tutor's opinion.

{1,4,9} is a set. In a set the items have no order. So answer should be {1^2=1,2^2=4,3^2=9}. Right?

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