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Sunday, May 2, 2010

We are alone in the universe.

The number of planets in the universe is approximately 3*10^21. A large enough number for scientists to speculate about alien life in the universe. Stephen Hawking as his new series, Into the Universe, proves, has a rich imagination too. ( The series promises to be excellent, more episodes follow. )

Personally, I am pessimistic though. It is my belief that we are utterly alone. To be precise: With life I mean intelligent life with a sense of purpose. Simply because I know that a number like 3*10^21 is not big at all, it is small, tiny in fact. - Would we be here if some 65 million years ago the earth was -not- hit by some huge meteor that supposedly killed all the dinosaurs on Earth? What are the odds of a meteor hitting Earth? How many other events simply -had- to happen so that the human species could evolve to what it is today? Suppose the chances of a species like us evolving on some planet somewhere in the Universe is equal to throwing 1000 sixes in a row with one dice. One-thousand one-out-of-six events in a period of say a billion years?  Not so hard to imagine is it?

Anyway, if that would be true then there would be life in 1 out of 10^(778) planets which is way beyond the total number of planets in the universe. - My guess is that we are alone. Once you have accepted that we are alone the belief in ( a ) God is simple, almost automatic as a logical conclusion.

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