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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Importing citations into Mediawiki

I like the format of articles in W'pedia so I decided to use the W'pedia format as my standard. When I add an article about a topic or just a theorem / proof it is important to record a reference to a book, journal article or other source. W'pedia has built quite a system for that which is NOT part of a fresh MediaWiki installation.

When you add a snippet like this in your article in W'pedia all formatting for the citation is automatically done.
{{Citation | title=Name of Book }

It is also possible to create a citation template for a book that is often cited like this
{{BK1 Einstein}}

If you want this functionality in your WikiMedia setup then you have to do three things.
* First you have to Export an example page anywhere in W'pedia using 'Export pages' Make sure that you select to copy templates as well. This page creates an XML file.
* Second, you have to import the XML file into your installation using the Import page. You can find this on Special Pages under Page tools.
* Finally you have to install the ParserFunctions extension.

Preview of the OU Math wiki.

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