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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two different series of video lectures on Number Theory

Last year I watched the entire series of Math 311 Number Theory ( Spring series 2010 ) by Prof Dr. Seung Son. The course has been renamed to Math3110 The Theory of Numbers and is currently in progress ( Spring series 2011 ) with a new lecturer Prof. Gene Abrams. Currently 10/30 lectures are online, which are more or less covering OU M381 Units 1-4. With the first lecture on the Well-ordening principle. If you understand the WOP then you really -understand- mathematical induction, which is a deeper level of being able to do induction proofs.

Considering that these videos are free to watch ( thank you UCCS Colorado ) my entire view of the world lightens up. In my view of a cleared  planet all our basic needs are cared for ( by robots ) and we homo novis are studying and communicating, mostly on-line.

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