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Saturday, February 5, 2011

M336, M338, M381 merge

Promoted comment from Chris:
Hi Nilo this isn't strictly relevant but I thought you and all
your followers might be interested in the following letter on the
maths course choice forum about the
proposed replacement for the 3 third level courses
M336 Group theory
M338 Topology
M381 Number theory

The idea is to merge it into a 60 point course. I have mixed feelings
but I should be able to complete M338 and M336 next year so it doesn't really affect me. It would seem that the geometric aspects of group theory and topology are being dropped also continuity is going to be explained in sequences rather than open sets which is the mainstay of most of the books on topology and functional analysis I have on my book shelf. On the other hand the fact that a module on rings and fields is going to be introduced is good news. In an ideal world they would keep the current 3 courses with maybe some slight updating and introduce the module on rings and fields as a separate unit. Interesting they don't mention Galois theory so may be they just take you half way up the hill and leave the rest up to you.

Continued here.
Chris mentioned this earlier. My first reaction is that I am glad that I am on M381 in current form. I planned M336 for next year I hope that that does not get mixed up. - ( You need a Plan B. )

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