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Friday, February 11, 2011

Video lectures on multivariable calculus ( and more ) ...

I read a commentary on the future of universities.

Education and knowledge have become more accessible in the internet age. Students can do a lot of their work online or at home. But does that mean that universities will become obsolete? Of course not. - Books have to be written, exams have to be prepared and marked, research has to be done and published and students will always want some form of live interaction with a professor or tutor. Even if all lectures would be given in the form of video lectures then these lectures have to produced and as is the case with textbooks, redone every few years. Things have changed and will continue to change. Let's hope for the better.

Some video lectures, I recommended:
- [ NEW ] Multivariable calculus ( Berkeley )
- Video lectures number theory
- [News] - Video Lectures Algebraic Topology ( for Undergraduates )
- video lectures complex analysis

No set of video lectures is better than a well written text-book with lots of examples and exercises. Like this magnificent book on Complex Analysis for example ( I'll start M337 october next year ):

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