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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

High school math

From the news.
Walton Middle School teacher Michelle Voekler has received the 2009 Presidential Award in Mathematics. “Mrs. Voekler’s classroom is amazing!” said WMS Principal Tripp Hope. “Every item in her classroom is used as a teaching school including the walls, the file cabinet, and the floor,” said Principal Hope. “Students are moving around using manipulatives and hands-on learning to understand how math is really is everywhere in our world.”
We used to call our high school Colditz. A war camp we had to escape from. The school had forgotten one very important thing: learning us -how to learn-. My mathematics teacher taught straight from Euclid. A geometry based on the rules of logic. Very much considered passez in these days. We were 12,13 ýear olds, he was teaching theorem / proof style. Way too early for us.

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