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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MT365 - CMA42 Done

I was not sure at all if I was going to make it today. I even watched an action movie yesterday to get my mind off things, something I don't do too often. ( Resident Evil 1, not bad. ) When I woke up the CMA immediately entered my mind. As a sort of escapism I hadn't really read the CMA questions before today, I could no longer postpone. Postponing now would mean accepting the inevitable 0%.

Worked the entire day ( from 10am to over 6pm ) on MT365-CMA42. Doing the questions after a revision or even a first study, as was the case with Designs 2. - The thought of actually dropping MT365, giving up, crossed my mind. I had visions of a score of 0% on this CMA42. Yesterday I was actually in the mood of accepting the 0% score and trying to recover from that low.

Considering this 'low', it wasn't too bad. I am fairly sure that I have at least half of the questions right. probably more. With 88, 79 as previous results and almost five months until the exam MT365 is recoverable. So the good news of the day is that I am not dropping MT365.

Still two TMAs to do this month. MT365-TMA02, M208-TMA04.

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