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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MInd Manager or MindView (2)

MindView looks promising but unfortunately it is useless for my needs: it has only one calendar. Where corporations are compared to pyramids, the individual is a pyramid upside down. Tiny corporations with a sales departmant, finance department, and so on. ( Using that methaphore studying takes place in the R&D department. ) It is however a corporation with one staff member: unless we look at the hours of the week as staff...
I use mind manager to branch out ideas, thoughts, entirely free format. Some branches are mirrored in JVCGannt, MM's project management add-in. In these branches I add concrete tasks to be executed. In the planner they are assigned a resource: work, study or personal. For these resources I have created a calendar. The STUDY calendar has the hours which I have reserved for study as work hours. The hours assigned for work and personal are non-workable hours in that calendar (and so on). With MindView's one calendar limitation I can't use it to setup my plans. Other planning tools are out of the question because they don't have MindMap integration. So I'll stick with Mind Manager for a bit longer. - MindManager does have MS Project integration though. But it is of course completely over the top to maintain, what is in essence a to do list, in MS Project.

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