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Thursday, June 10, 2010

M208 -TMA03 Result is in

M208 - TMA03 ( Linear Algebra ) result is in.. Result: 90%. Still four TMA's to go. Two on Real Analysis, one on Group Theory and a revision TMA just before the final exam. TMA results sofar were all in the distinction zone, and increasing: 85, 88, 90. Comparable to MS221 last year. That would mean I am heading for a grade 2 pass.


  1. Good set of scores trouble with OU is that the exam score badly affects the final result. Instead of taking an average of the assessment and the exam which would be fairer. You have to get distinction in both assignments and exam. As people generally do worse in the exam than assignments then I find it difficult to see how a distinction is possible. A grade 2 pass seems a good target to aim for and if you are lucky a distinction might happen. Anyway good luck

  2. Chris, can't agree more. - Yet, I do like making TMA's. It's fun. They are tiny sub-goals that keep out the procrastination monsters, if you know what I mean. - Aiming for all distinctions kills the motivation and is not good for self-esteem. It just is not possible. - Yet, examtraining does wonders. There should be books, or guidelines about it. - Professional sporters, musicians often talk about the 'last few percent'.


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