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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MInd Manager or MindView (1)

Present Time. I failed to meet the MST365-TMA02 deadline. I already informed the tutor. ALthough I have a valid explanation this should not have happened. ( I have to assign myself the condition of 'Danger' and apply its Formula. )
From the book Learning Strategies for College Success I learned that the components of academic self-management are:
- motivation ( OK );
- time management ( - );
- study methods ( ? );
- physical environment ( OK );
- social ( -/? );
- monitoring ( this blog ).
I'll work on trying to improve time-management for a bit. I have used Mind Manager for brainstorm and planning purposes for ages. But Mind Manager has some issues as a planning tool actually ( i.e.: Gannt views through a 3rd party program JVC Gannt ). I am loyal to the programs that helped me but it is time to have a look at MindView.

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