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Friday, June 4, 2010

MST365 - CMA42 Feedback available

MST365 - CMA42 result is in: 83%. Of 20 questions I had four errors. Not bad you would say. Well, compared to the other students I did rather poorly.
Score Students
00-39 2
40-54 10
55-69 27
70-84 78
85-100 205
I basically come in with the last 25% or so. Nevertheless I am fairly happy with this result. Proud even. It's not a race.
Maybe students have been swapping results, which is simply not fair. On the other hand I think most MT365 students are extremely motivated. Others won't be on a 90 point load.
Looking at the results it seems the course is rather simple. Well, it is not. It's hard.

1 comment:

  1. Hi from Edinburgh wouldn't worry to much any bad marks can always be substituted. M208 much more fundamental and interesting. Planning to do M208 next year currently doing MST121 and MS221 as warm up. My background is theoretical physics trying to learn pure maths so can understand books like Hawking and Ellis 'Large scale structure of space time' and Von Neumann's Foundatons of quantum mechanics for which a grounding in Functional analysis is needed. Like your forays into group theory keep up the good work.


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