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Sunday, November 21, 2010

[Review] - Atom 1/3 : The Clash of Titans

The Clash of Titans ( Atom 1/3 ) by Professor Jim Al-Khalili is a documentary about the birth of quantum mechanics. - According to Al-Khalili the discovery of the Atom is the most important achievement in science, ever ( amazing how every scientist says something like that about his or her field ). I wished he hadn't said that in the documentary itself because besides that Atom is one of those documentaries the BBC is world famous for ( starting with The Ascent of Man with Jacob Bronowski ). The program is educational, the photography is in one word beautiful and Al-Khalili is a real story teller, he turns the birth of quantum mechanics into an action movie with heroes, winners and losers. Atom was first showed on TV in early 2008 when I missed it but I have been able to pick up a copy of the entire three part series recently. With MST209 scheduled for next year more posts about physics will be inevitable, I suppose.

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