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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black Mathematics

Most sciences have a dark side. Psychiatrists prescribe addictive 'mood-balancing' drugs to improve the 'well-being' of their patients, and every day hundreds ( 2,730 every day according to W'pedia ) of people get electro-shocked, to cure them from 'mental illness'. Physicists and engineers work on weapons of mass destruction to 'ensure peace'. BAE systems UK, the biggest arms manufacturer in the world, generates over 95% of its revenue from arms sales.

What do mathematicians contribute to the art of black science? - Charles Seife ( science writer and teacher of journalism in New York City) wrote the book Proofiness: the dark arts of mathematical deception.

- Proofiness - (Review in the New York Times).
- Psychiatry: An industry of Death.
- BAE Systems.

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