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Thursday, January 13, 2011

POLL: OU Library Services

We are a privileged generation because we live in a time where vast areas of the Internet are (still?) free. If you are able and willing to pay ( in one way or the other for example through course fees ) for Internet services, the value of the Internet increases several orders of magnitude. Registered ( Open University ) students have access to the Library Services of their university. If you like Google News you will be surprised by the ( historical ) news databases the Open University is subscribed to. You will only be using Google News to get a feeling for the current events, not more. ( Even more so if you are aware of, -have woken up to-, the fact that the mainstream media are controlled by a limited number of corporations and are merely distributing propaganda and disinformation. )

The truth is out there.

Just above the posts area you'll find a POLL about the usage of the Open University Library Services. Do you use them? If so, how often?

1 comment:

  1. Its even better if you leave the OU they still allow you to access the library as your passwrod is still valid there were a couple of years when I wasn't officially registered with the Open University but I was still able to use the library facilities


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