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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Result POLL on Library Service usage

This blog receives between 60 and 80 unique visitors per day, viewing up to 200 posts. Over a period of one week five visitors participated in the poll. Only 2 Open University students use the Library Services at least once a week. The other three don't use the Library Services very often. The Open University is organizing free on-line courses in using the Library so I think they came to a similar conclusion. Everyone can startup a browser and 'search' Internet. In order to differentiate yourself from the masses you need good ( or excellent ) search skills. There is a huge difference between passive surfing and active searching.

Based on the response of this poll I looked more closely at the visitor statistics and what have been, and still are, popular posts. My estimate is that less than 5% of the visitors are Open University students. The purpose of this blog remains creating a logbook of my mathematics study and not trying to get more visitors. Therefore I won't change much on this blog except maybe explaining more Open University jargon.

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