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Monday, January 10, 2011

[M381-N-1] status: started

Started ( unofficially ) on M381-N today using the unit-n1 course sample. This course is all about proofs. From this in-text problem early on in unit-1:

"Show that: n is triangular IFF 8n+1 is square."

it is clear that MS221 + M208 are prerequisites for M381.

Regular study habits are a key success factor, so I have read ( and learned ). Last year my free Tuesday was scheduled for TMA's. This year I intend to study M381-N on Monday evening, M373 on Tuesday and M381-L on Saturday. If I have no commitments on a Sunday that day is scheduled for 'other' projects.

1 comment:

  1. That seems a sensible distribution of time. I agree that if you want to pursue other interests then it's necessary to set aside as much as possible to that. My schedule for the 3 courses I'm doing is slightly different. I intend to do 2 weeks on M208 and 1 week on M337 and one week on M346 per month.


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