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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reading protocols and satisfaction surveys

Reading mathematics for leisure. Is that possible? Of course. If you follow protocol. Compare holiday literature. Thriller novels are popular with those enjoying their holidays. Others however prefer books full of Sudoku puzzles or other games. Both are reading a book, but follow a different reading protocol. This article explains the reading protocol for books about mathematics. So a lot depends on the 'reading-protocol'.

The Open University (mathematics) course books have a protocol of their own. Understanding this, and applying it well to your preferred study method, is a success factor for passing a course. I expect many different study methods though. Until now I have always added supplementary textbooks. It gives a different perspective on the topic.

And by comparing the two I have learned to appreciate the quality of the Open University course books. An Open University course is more than a set of course books and an exam though. I really like the overall course plan, on paper, and the different views of the plan on the Student Home Page. You are assigned a tutor, which you can reach via e-mail or by phone, there are the student forums and there are various services on the website.

I read that 97% of the Open University students are satisfied with their course(s). I believe that ( although 3% counts for a lot of courses / students ).

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