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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another 'Done TMA'

I haven't posted here as frequently as I used to the last couple of weeks or so. It's not that I am done with blogging or anything like that. There are two reasons for the sudden drop in posts and I am not entirely sure if they are related.

-1. I have been very busy with and focused on completing an M373 Optimization TMA which took considerably more effort ( 56 pages ) and time than planned. No time for pleasant 'self-chosen' ( beautiful ) problems, or just reading math books not directly related to one of my OU courses. Time to do that is very, very precious which you only realize when it's gone. ( Last time I was in a 'crisis' like this I promised myself to let it never happen again. It still did but only because I underestimated the work. Never underestimate an OU TMA even if it looks simple. There are no simple TMAs. And if they are for you then ask yourself if you aren't fooling yourself by doing a course on a topic which you already own anyway. )

-2. In order to keep my study going, to stay focused, keep it organized during several years of life ( with its ups and downs ) I use all the planning and control tools I can get. Including those to improve reading and concentration. One of the recent methodologies is the Pomodoro Technique. The purpose of the PT is helping you DO things, focused and with concentration. Unlike tools like GTD that are more of an aid in handling the in-tray, filing and deciding WHAT to do. Since I don't write down that I should create a blog post in my planner ( I use the advanced MyLife Organized ToDo list program ) I can't move it to a Pomodoro which explains it all.

Why now? It's late and I am contemplating about the future direction of this blog.

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