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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

TMA week ( Pomodoro style )

Studying mathematics at the Open University means that you have to send in a Tutor Marked Assignment ( 10 questions on which I spent as little as 5 hours but there were TMAs that cost me 40 hours ) per 7.5 study-points. So, if you do 60 points in a year you have to do 8 of those ( and one or two exams ). Unfortunately it is not allowed to publish any TMA questions on the Internet.

Today and the next thee days until Saturday are for M381 TMA02 ( Number Theory and Mathematical Logic ). Although I haven't planned to complete the TMA by then I want to see how far I come now that I have almost three weeks of Pomodoro experience. The drop in posts to my blog is definitely a result of my implementation of the PT. - I can say that the Pomodoro Technique is fully compatible with GTD, one could argue that PT fixes GTD so that it effectively cures procrastination. ( That the PT is compatible with Hubbard's Management Methods and Techniques is a no-brainer. )

More later...

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