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Friday, May 13, 2011

Maintain fitness

If solving yet another mathematical problem tires you out. Don't blame the problem. You might need some serious mental fitness. Athletes and their coaches have developed several statistics to determine their fitness for the job. If stats are down a good coach can develop a training program to regain healthy stats. Athletes are centuries ahead of mental workers like us. We should strive for that kind of perfection though. - The saying a "Healthy body, healthy mind" is true but it is not enough. A healthy body is merely a prerequisite for a healthy mind.

What is important for a mental worker? And can it be measured?
- Regular and enough sleep. Yes, hours sleep. Time in / out of bed.
- Trained eye-muscles. Speed-reading exercises. Reading-speed can be measured.
- Focus and concentration. Number of internal ( self induced ) interruptions.
- Quiet and healthy work/study environment. Number of external interruptions.

Some books on the subject.

The best route to mental fitness is of course Yoga but that route is long and hard.


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  2. Kaney, doing mathematics is hard work but I doubt the readers will be interested in buying your pills and potions. Success anyway!

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