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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Open University and MathCad

I wonder if there is any university out there in the world where the professors choose MathCad for their students. The answer is of course No, N-O. Only managers or others on the receiving end of the kickback pipe can take a decision like that. - MathCad is a joke. If I had known on beforehand how bad MathCad was I would not have chosen to study mathematics at the Open University. I am very serious about this.

Think twice if you are still deciding. And go elsewhere if you have an option.

What I am complaining about is the following.

I do my TMA's in four rounds. First I solve them with Mathematica. That part is easy and fast. Then I typeset the answers in LaTeX because most ( not all ) tutors don't really understand what they are marking. They insist a presentation a toddler can understand. This round is time-consuming but I like to become proficient in LaTeX so who cares. Then in the third round I descend down to the gates of hell. In that phase I have to redo the answers in MathCad. This is Guantanamo Bay Home Edition. Then round four: the psychiatric ward. Because the OU does not accept electronic delivery I have to PRINT sometimes up to 100 pages of which 80 come from MathCad. I call this insanity.

Thanks MathCad.


  1. I think that OU is still primarily using Mathcad 15.0 in its courses. It sounds like our new product, Mathcad Prime, might be able to streamline your process a wee bit.
    Prime is a complete rewrite of the product using the Windows ribbon interface. It is much easier to use and the default mode is print preview. By working in Mathcad Prime, instead of Mathematica, you should be able to construct and document your solutions simultaneously. Historically, many Mathcad users adopt the product to avoid the process that you describe -- I am not completely familiar with the OU curriculum so I am not sure why it is runing you through such a software gauntlet.

    Here is a link to download Mathcad Prime free trial:

    Let us know what you think. We are releasing the Student Edition of Mathcad Prime 1.0 on July 1.

    Chris Hartmann
    Education Program Manager, Mathcad

  2. I am using MathCad from OU and I am still alive. If you are a professor, you may find it too easy or childish but for students this software is enough. I have never had to print 100 pages for a TMA, so you are exaggerating.


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