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Friday, May 20, 2011

M381 Exam setup

Today I received pack 2 of M381 materials and read some interesting news about the exam setup. ( Open University ) course M381 has two fairly independent tracks: Number Theory and Mathematical Logic. The TMA's are thus mostly 50/50. The exam however has a different setup.

The exam consists of 16 questions.
Questions 1-8 cover Number Theory. ( My educated guess is 1 questions for each book / topic.
- divisibility
- prime numbers
- congruence
- Fermat / Wilson theorems
- multiplicative functions
- quadratic reciprocity
- continued fractions
- linear Diophantine equations.
Questions 9-16 cover Mathematical Logic. ( My guess is as follows )
- computability
- primitive recursive functions
- Church's thesis
- formal systems
- formal proofs
- formal number theory ( 3 questions )

All questions are marked and ranked. The nine best results are used to count your grade for the exam. There is one restriction however you can't use more than six questions from one subject. So if all number theory results are better than the logic ones than they take the six best nt questions and then the best three from logic.
If, and I suppose it is, ( isn't it always? ) an extremely time-constrained exam then there are quite a number of strategies to follow for sequencing the work at the exam. I will have to think about that when the exam date comes closer, I suppose. A lot depends on my self-

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