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Monday, October 10, 2011

The book will never die.

A lot has been written about real paper books versus ebooks. Both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. I have to admit that I read mostly ebooks. They are cheaper and easier to get, store and carry. Mathematics ebooks often have the PDF format. So you need a reader that can handle PDFs. If you use your PC or laptop than a PDF reader is all you need. Most people know Adobe Reader but there are much better programs than Adobe around. With free readers, just like Adobe. My PDF reader of choice is Foxit Reader 5. What I particularly like about Foxit is that it is lightweight, i.e. loads and acts fast. Foxit uses tabbed reading, like internet browsers. If you were in the middle of five books, close Foxit, the program nicely remembers which books you were reading and on what page you left. Most of all, I like the feature that I can highlight what I read. It is almost as if I was reading in a paper book.

- Foxit Reader 5.

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