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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Heatwave : day off study.

Took a day off study today. Have been putting a lot of time in studying lately. Felt like work instead of fun. We have a mini-heatwave in The Netherlands. For the 1st of October it was the hottest day ever ( since recorded weather anyway ). I don't like summers, especially when they turn up in my favorite season autumn. I mean, I think everybody has been off-schedule today. - Tomorrow, I take a day off as well: I really missed working with Mathematica. I got really interested in the foundations of computer science lately. Will read about formal languages, grammars and parsers tomorrow. And of course will have a look at the Mathematica built Lisp interpreter. - I am working on a program myself, SceneGraphica, I need to spend time on that as well. I think I will start all over. Nothing will be lost though. I wouldn't have had the ideas I have now without the effort put in the early versions.

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