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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Off-topic: 15 October 2011 - World-wide protest day

Was it Cairo or New York, - Occupy Wall Street - where it started? It sure is spreading. I want to express my solidarity with the people out on the streets today in almost 1600 cities world-wide: Occupy Together.

Since the revolution started in Egypt I watched and compared the news from BBC, CNN, Infowars, Al Jazeera, RT ( Russia ), and Press TV ( Iran ). Now Press TV has been taken off-air in the UK. Draw your own conclusions. Here is what Infowars ( US Libertarian ) had to say about it: Press TV taken off air in UK – war for freedom of speech now on.

Now that the alternative media are flourishing, it turns out that we haven't had a free press for decades, Press TV made that painfully clear.

During the last world war, scientists created the atom bomb, period. 'Because they were afraid the Germans would be first.' We have to assure that they don't have an easy excuse like that next time, a free Internet ensures that.

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