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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The mathematics of revolution

The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading. It reminds me of Conway's Life game. It could spread enormously and still die out soon, or it could cause permanent change without real massive demonstrations. Nobody knows, nobody can predict this. Still, I think it will be very interesting to find mathematical patterns in global, Internet connected, demonstrations like this. I am sure mathematicians of government agencies are working on it.

If a government does not educate even one generation it is lost. It is in their own interest, it is in the interest of the ruling elite to give all citizens a good education. I think that rule fits all political systems. In the US however they use education to enslave people for the rest of their life to the bankers. Paying back student loans turns out to be very difficult. On top of that teachers get fired or are underpaid. - That does not seem right to me.

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